Aggie MacKenzie | Television presenter and journalist


Aggie's Family Cookbook

(Pavilion, 2011)

In my book, put together with my sons, I’ll help you learn how to plan a week’s worth of meals and advise on recipes to choose for days when you’re busy and days when you have more time; when the whole family will eat together, when they won’t and when their pals are likely to drop by. There are lots of tips for saving money, too: cooking with leftovers, clever ways to bulk out a dinner for four so it serves six and ideas for cooking fantastic meals with cheaper ingredients. All the recipes are foolproof and include Fantastic Roast Chicken, Real Burgers, Chocolate Panettone Pudding and Deep and Chunky Apple Pie (with simple steps to show how it’s done). The book contains over 100 recipes, most with specially commissioned photographs.

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